Individual eyelash extensions are the perfect way to enhance your natural lashes.

The process is safe, relaxing, and does not harm your natural lashes when it is done by a trained, licensed, & certified professional.


When you trust She Is with your lashes you can feel confident knowing that you have chosen a

Florida licensed cosmetologist -

- Lash Affair trained + certified lash artist -


All lash extensions are done by Laura Ter Beek in St. Cloud, Florida.  All images are property of She Is Inc. & Laura Ter Beek.



Frequently Asked Questions

What types of lash extensions do you use?

Currently, there are 2 "makes" of lash extensions available to lash artists: Natural Hair (Mink, Fox), + Synthetic.  There are two kinds of synthetic extensions: mink + silk.  These terms (mink + silk) simply refer to the taper of the extension, not what the extension is made of.

At She Is Inc. we choose to use synthetic.  Because mink and fox are natural hair fibers, they act the same as human hair, meaning the lashes need to be permed to keep their curl + that they can "fall" or flatten in humidity.  Natural hair also incurs a much higher cost, which causes the price of the service rise.  By using the synthetic you are able to wear virtually maintenance free lash extensions, the price does not rise due to pricey supplies, and we are able to proudly say that we use cruelty free products in our services!

Important: many artists advertise "Mink" lash extensions when they are actually offering synthetic.  The wording is changing as the industry grows, so be sure to ask for clarification if you are looking for true mink lash extensions.

What is the difference between Classic + Volume?

"Classic" and "Volume" are different techniques of applying lash extensions.  In a Classic application, one extension is applied to one natural lash.  In a Volume application, between two + six extensions may be applied to one natural lash.  The extensions used in Volume applications are much lighter than the extensions used in classic applications.  Volume should not be confused with cluster lashes which have a plastic look to them and actually adhere multiple natural lashes together, causing damage.

Should I get Classic or Volume?

Everyone has different preferences + everyone has different densities of natural lashes.  While one person might be happy with Classic, another might feel it is too sparse.  I recommend starting with Classic if you are unsure of how full you want your extensions to be or if you are wanting more of a "natural" look.  If you are wanting a "falsies" look, volume would often be your best option.  You can switch from Classic to Volume (or vice versa) at your fill appointment if you want to go fuller or reduce the fullness of your extensions.

What should I expect during my appointment?

Once we have chatted about what you're looking for, you will lay down on the massage table with your eyes closed.  I will do a light cleansing of the lash line area.  Eye pads are then placed on your lower lashes to keep them separated from the top lashes during the application.  After that, I apply extensions to each individual, natural eyelash + when you open your eyes you will have gorgeous, virtuously maintenance free, lashes.

Do you fill other artist's work?

We only fill Classic extensions coming from another artist.  We have found that, unfortunately, most work coming to us does not meet our expectations.  Because of this, I do require that extra time is booked for your initial appointment so that we can make sure that everything is as it needs to be (i.e. no sticking, no loose bases, no extreme lengths, no outgrown extensions) + so that we can also fill you properly.






She Is Inc. reserves the right to charge 100% of the scheduled service price for no call/no show appointments & 50% of the scheduled service price for appointments cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the scheduled service(s).

Our Policy requires a 24-hour notice for all cancellations and/or schedule changes to avoid the late cancel fee of 50% & the no call/no show fee of 100% of the scheduled service(s).

Thank you for understanding that as service providers, our schedules are full and every hour is valuable to us and our clients trying to get in.