I found my self love with a little bit of rebellion and a lot of curiosity when I took my first pole fitness class.  It lead me to understand the ability, strength, & grace of the human body.  With this new understanding I had a completely new respect & appreciation for myself & what I could accomplish.  And although boudoir sessions were already a part of the sessions I offered, my eyes were opened to different aspects & a brighter fire for what I was doing for & sharing with my clients.

Engagements & weddings put a huge smile on my face for several reasons.  First is that my artistic goal has always been to make people feel.  So many emotions pour out of engagements & weddings that it fills my heart & fulfills my artistic goal.  Every. single. time.  Secondly, I'm a huge sap when it comes to love.  I know how amazing it is to say "yes" + "I do"!  Experiencing it with other couples & preserving such incredible memories for them fills a huge part of my heart.

Besides my love for love I also have a huge love for my family.  And a pretty strong love for coffee.  And the beach.  I have a space in my heart where Jesus hangs out on the daily & reminds me that obstacles are so easily overcome through him when I step out of my own way.  I travel as often as I can to new places & familiar places.  I enjoy every experience I can take in & each new face I meet.  Maybe yours will be next?  Let's chat!