Nate & Sasha | Surprise Engagement Part I : Saint Cloud, FL | Central Florida Couple's Photographer

April 10, 2014  •  2 Comments

On the first of November I received an email with the subject "Can You Help?". I was intrigued and the name seemed familiar. So, I opened it and started to read. Soon I realized that I had been contacted by a good friend's boyfriend who was secretly planning a proposal! I got so excited that he had asked me to capture such a special moment for them. He was stationed outside of Florida so we kept our email conversations going and eventually we came up with the perfect plan to get Sasha to the session site without her being suspicious of anything.  We decided that I would ask Sasha to do a "styled photo shoot" with me while Nate "spent the day with his dad". Muahahaha!  We also had to arrange a way to get Nate, his family, and Sasha to the same place without Sasha knowing Nate was there or why his family was around.

At 9am on December 27th I picked Nate and his dad up from the lakefront and drove them to our session spot!  I shot around with them for a little bit before heading back to my house where I would meet Sasha to "make sure she was ready" for our shoot.  Nate's mom & sister had tagged along with Sasha to "watch her session" with me and see what it was all about. (que evil laugh again).

A few minutes before 10am we headed back out to the session spot where I had strategically given Nate and his dad hiding spots.  We arrived, and well, I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. :]


Nate had requested I put together a short playlist with their song, "All Of Me" by John Legend, being the last one to play.

"All Of Me" started to play.  Sasha waved away tears as I apologized for my playlist making her cry.  And then...

Sasha called her parents and family who were out of state to share the news (they were in on it too :]).

Did your heart melt a little bit?

We went back out the next day for their engagement portrait session.  Look for Part II Next Thursday!


2.Sasha Morales(non-registered)
Thank you Kristina! And Laura, you're the absolute best. I couldn't have asked for more gorgeous photos or a more perfect proposal. I love you for this and I know the photos from the wedding will be even more gorgeous. <3
1.Kristina Bronson(non-registered)
The photo's came out Amazing! So happy for you Sasha ♥ All the thoughts & plans that went into this were so sweet. The photographer did an awesome job at catching all the moments. It made it feel as if we where there to expierence these special moments with you. **The photo that shows your tears of happiness is definitly my favorite!
Luv ya girly, Nate is one Lucky Man!
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