What’s in a name?
“She Is Inc.” is a funny name.  It doesn’t seem clever or carefree; it’s not a dead give away.  It doesn’t tell you what it can do or shout its worth, but it holds a lot of value. 
Its a siren; it draws you deeper. Its an anthem; your story and mine.
The question shouldn’t be “what is She Is Inc.?” it should be “have you discovered who She Is?”.  That’s what this brand is all about - discovering who she is for yourself.
The Heart Behind It All
Proverbs 31.  “She is clothed in strength and dignity… She laughs without fear of the future… Her children rise and call her blessed, her husband also, & he praises her.”  When I read that passage I sat back in awe & thought “this, right here, is the description of who I want to be.”  She is love.  She is beauty.  She is strength.  She is success.  That’s who She Is to me.  That’s what I strive for.  That’s my story of who She Is, but so much more, I want you to find who she is to you.  It’s so important for each of us to have goals for our-best-selves.  That means that when we have days where we can’t seem to get on track or we feel lost in a raging storm that we know where to look to find the beauty that we would otherwise be blinded to.
Finding who She Is to you.
Think with me for a moment - what aspirations do you have for your future self?  Maybe you want to be an outstanding mother and wife.  Maybe you just want to make it through your current and ridiculously draining college course and degree.  Maybe your heart wants to be filled to the brim with the love of Jesus.  Or maybe you want to be a fearless base jumper with a cool wingsuit and a GoPro attached to your head.  Everyone has a different thought or goal of who she is and that’s wonderful.  Truth be told, finding who she is is a continual discovery - as we accomplish our goals, new and exciting ambitions arise. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t appreciate where we are on our journey right now.  Each aspect holds its own beautiful story and its worth capturing, celebrating, & cherishing right now and in the future.